• Christmas in La Garriga: the procession of the Three Wise Men, royal pages, and shepherds, the lantern-making workshops, play parks and competitions.
  • The half marathon
  • Carro de Fato presentation
  • Prize-giving ceremony of the 7th “Mountains and Nature” photography competition and a look back at the 29th Nativity exhibition
  • Commemoration of the anniversary of the bombing raid on La Garriga


  • “Carnestoltes” (Carnival)
  • Viladrau – La Garriga
  • Candlemas concert
  • The marathon
  • The “Fira de la Botifarra” (“sausage fair”)


  • Young performers concert series
  • International Women’s Day
  • Closing and opening activities of the “Voluntariat per la Llengua” (“language volunteers”)
  • World Poetry Day recital
  • You chose. Job search activities
  • “Tres Tombs” Day (procession of riders on horseback, completing three laps of the town)
  • “La Festa de l’Arbre”(“The Tree Festival”)
  • Caramelles” (festival of Easter songs)


  • International Children’s Book Day
  • La Garriga – Montserrat hike
  • Saint Jordi
  • Garriguenc Assembly Meeting at Puiggraciós
  • Spring Poetry Festival
  • Barri de Montserrat local festival


  • “Terra de sons” (“World of sounds”) singer-songwriter concert series
  • Spring Poetry Festival
  • Les Tortugues Sports Centre distance race
  • International Dance Day
  • Catalonia Schools Badminton Championship
  • Children and teens needlepoint workshop
  • Schools exchange fair
  • End of school sports year
  • Sardanista (traditional Catalan dance) Festival
  • Barri de Santa Rita local festival


  • “Terra de sons” (“World of sounds”) singer-songwriter concert series
  • Spring Poetry Festival
  • Corpus Christi
  • Sport Festival
  • Football tournaments
  • La Garriga Jazz Festival
  • Noise festival friends
  • The arrival of la Flama de Canigó (“The flame of Canigó”)
  • Avi Musquera hockey tournament


  • Modernist event
  • Summer schools concert
  • Handball season closing ceremony
  • Summer dinner at l’Asil Hospital
  • “12 Hours” basketball tournament
  • Barri de Les Roques local festival
  • 22nd church belltower climbing event
  • “Divendres a la fresca” (“Friday in the open air”)
  • Musical evenings at the theatre
  • La Garriga mobilizes in support of mental illness
  • Festa major (Town festival)
  • Barri de Dalt local festival, St Cristòfol


  • Town festival
  • Barri de Sant Ramon local festival


  • Botiga al carrer (“street market”)
  • Film festival
  • La Diada (National Day of Catalonia)
  • Festival of Solidarity
  • Cultural market / trades fair
  • Barri de Narcisa Freixas local festival
  • Pati Móbil Club cycle tour
  • 11th classic car rally
  • European heritage event


  • “Diada Social” (“social day”) in Sant Cristòfol de Monteugues
  • “Botiflerada”
  • Evening of music and poetry at El Far
  • Festive day for senior citizens
  • 6th Lliga Intercomarcal d’Enganxes Amateur 2012 (chariot racing)
  • Half marathon
  • Castanyada (chestnut festival)


  • Opening ceremony of the “Voluntariat per la Llengua” (“language volunteers”)
  • Popular walk organized by the CEG
  • All Saints concert
  • International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women 
  • Commercial campaign


  • Festival of light
  • Christmas activities (workshops, play park)