Imatge de Can Terres, text sobreimprès: "Vet aquí un augur"
  • Single: €4.50
  • Reduced: €3
  • < 8 years: free
Guided tour
  • Departure point: Plaça de l'Esglesia
  • Estimated duration: 2.5 hours


This itinerary will allow us to discover the presence of the International Brigades in La Garriga during the Civil War, the reasons that lead to their regrouping, their organization and objectives, the main characters, and how they faced the last weeks of the war. We will understand why the town becomes the target of bombing and how both the civilian population and the brigade members respond to the horror of war.

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  • GUIDED VISITS CONCERT GROUPS: We adapt the day, the language (Spanish, English or French) and the visit to your needs.

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