Summer is a time of rest, walking and discovery.

If you come in the summer to discover the Garriga, we suggest three walks or itineraries to discover the environment most suitable for the hot months:

Camí del riu



Ca l'Oliveró



De la Garriga al mar



If you want to know the different options of trails and itineraries to discover in the Garriga, click here

For nature outings, remember:

  • Clothing and footwear: It is important to wear appropriate footwear for walking on the mountain and take into account the time of year in which the visit is made. It is also necessary to bring warm clothes, as the temperature in the mountains is usually lower than in the municipalities where we live. If the visit takes place in the summer, it is also useful to bring a cap and protective cream for the sun.
  • Food and drink: You must bring water and some food for the walk.
  • Respect for the environment around you:

       - Always respect the flora and fauna.

      - Do not deviate from the paths or the marked itineraries.

      - Eating in the picnic areas.

      - Do not throw garbage on the ground and, if possible, take away the garbage that is generated.