"Ponds for watering, shaded areas for rest and farmhouses that lived from the activity of the herds"
vista de paisatge amb vinyes
6.00 km
Low difficulty
160 m
Low difficulty
  • Circular path, bicycle path
  • The layout is suitable for all levels, no difficulty
  • You can download the track tracks on the Visitor Center website
  • Local trails starts at the Visitor Center
  • Yellow painted markings and vertical signage at intersections will indicate that you are on the right path.
  • Wear comfortable walking shoes
  • Remember to hydrate and protect yourself from the sun
  • It is recommended to bring water and some refreshments
Ruta virtual
Route with map
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The route follows the ridge which borders the town to the west. It is known as La Serreta (“the little mountain range”), no doubt because of its modest height. Go down as far as the Planell valley and return through the area known as Les Roques (‘the rocks’). With its vineyards, olive groves and almond trees, it provides a fine example of what the Garriguenc hillsides would have looked like before industrialization.

Further on, a gradual descent will take you back to the Planell valley. The various country houses which populated this valley have been abandoned and their derelict walls serve as mute reminders of days gone by. They include Can Beia, Ca l’Espargueró and Can Planell.

The return to La Garriga will again take in some breathtaking views of the town, before you cross back over the dual carriageway.


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